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What happens if we were married abroad?

The English Courts can hear a divorce case if, for example, one or both parties are habitually resident in England or Wales. Any Marriage Certificate in a foreign language may require a notarised translation.

What happens if I do not know where my wife/husband is living?

Enquiries must be made to try and serve the Divorce Petition by post or personal service. The Court may specify an alternative method to be used. This could be by advertisement, for example, in a newspaper read regularly by the spouse. Another method that could be ordered would be service on a relative or even at a works address. It is also possible in some cases to dispense with service altogether.

Once I have issued the Divorce Petition, must I continue with the proceedings?

You can stop the divorce proceedings at any time up to granting the Decree Absolute.

Will I have to attend Court?

If the proceedings are uncontested, there is no need for anyone to attend Court. Occasionally the Court may require further clarification which may involve a short meeting with a District Judge in private. 

Will the divorce proceedings deal with all financial claims?

The granting of a Decree Absolute only ends the marriage. Usually, prior to the Decree Absolute, the Court will hear separately a Financial Remedy Application which will resolve any financial issues. This is a highly specialised area and to ensure that your settlement is fair, contact us today.

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