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If you are considering a divorce, the lawyer you choose can make all the difference: not only to the final outcome but to how the entire process is handled.

Choosing a lawyer who can strongly present your case, whilst always being aware of the emotional consequences of this difficult process, can result in a divorce that is far less destructive; and ultimately make moving on simpler and less traumatic for all involved.

SL & Co Solicitors Limited is a commercial and family law practice offering a comprehensive range of legal services to Business, Commerce and Industry. This puts us in a strong position to be able to handle matrimonial issues having specialists in family law.  We recognised early on, that our clients have personal as well as business needs. As businessmen too, we understand that all too often, little regard is given to the fact that domestic upheaval can have an adverse effect on business matters, to the detriment of the individual and the family as a whole.

We specialise in all aspects of family law including divorce, financial arrangements, contact issues, residence, co-habitees (TOLATA).  We have innovative solutions, which protect and safeguard clients’ best interests and long-term objectives.

Even when there is already agreement as to what should happen upon divorce and separation, that agreement needs to be formalised. The process of divorce is complex and failing to obtain legal advice can mean the difference between a fair or unfair outcome. We aim to achieve a fair resolution to divorce proceedings and we are here to protect your interests.

There are actually two main aspects to a divorce, namely the divorce itself and the financial settlement.  We will provide advice and representation to guide you through the process from Petition to Decree Absolute and beyond.

Where you cannot agree terms as to how the matrimonial assets and debts are to be divided, we will help you negotiate a settlement that is in your best interests. We can complete all the necessary paperwork for you and guide you through the court process at each stage. We can help shorten the process through discussion and negotiation always ensuring that what is achieved is the best result possible.

For further advice on Divorce or Separation, or to discuss your case, please contact Angela Brown through the online enquiry form or telephone 01564 777250

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We offer new Clients a special introductory 1-hour consultation for just £95 + VAT.  This appraisal appointment is a “get to know you” meeting, at which you can decide if you want us to represent you. We will be able to obtain from you details of your objective and explain how we can achieve this.

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